About us

RISORSE FUTURE is a “must” for anyone looking for Italian design, cruelty-free footwear. This brand is a reference for people with an ethical-fashion spirit looking for completely animal-free products.

Craftsmanship & Design Made In Italy.

RISORSE FUTURE footwear have been produced since 1955 in Monte Urano, in the Marches region. The Marches are the homeland for Made in Italy shoes; the most famous Italian region in terms for its most stylish shoe production! Our shoes have always been entirely designed and made in Italy, with top-quality materials and skillfully handmade by the expert hands of craftsmen from the Marches. The entire supply chain is located in the area, allowing production to benefit from the local branches: no outside processing (nor transportation!), in a zero food miles climate!

Vegan & natural shoes!

At the end of 2010, the shoe factory set up a project for eco-sustainable shoes respecting nature both in terms of materials used and of manufacturing processes, which led to the production of shoes made with vegetable materials (mostly hemp and cotton) enabling them to be classified as completely animal-free. Indeed, the name “RISORSE FUTURE” in Italian stands for “Resources” and “Future” of our Planet.


The brand RISORSE FUTURE is certified by VEGAN SOCIETY as it does not use any material of animal provenance.


Our entire production was recognized by PETA, the international organization for the protection of our animal friends.


Risorse Future does not use any type of animal derivatives and is classified VVV+, the highest level of the Animal Free Fashion ethical rating created by the LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione – Anti-vivisection league).

Love for nature & respect for the Earth

Shoes, just like and more than other products, are the result of many processing stages (more than eighty total!), so our aim to maximize the manufacturing process can only be the result of a careful reconsideration of all phases. In choosing to produce 100% vegan shoes, we made two fundamental decisions that we are carrying on, regarding the materials used and the production methods. We focus our attention on innovative materials that respect the environment without overlooking comfort and usefulness. Our shoes are light, durable and comfortable!


Eco-friendly & vegan materials

Our craftsmen in the Marches know very well that the internal components and the materials used are the very basics of a shoe, what guarantees their durability and makes them comfy. We choose sustainable materials with great care. No fabric of animal origin is used in our vegan footwear for women and for men!

Here are the materials we selected for our vegan footwear Made in Italy.

Hemp - durable & breathing

There are benefits to using hemp as a textile fiber right at the beginning, during cultivation: no pesticides, herbicides nor fertilizers of any kind are necessary. From an environmental point of view, hemp is the ultimate vegetal fiber, as it is more sustainable than other types of fiber.

Hemp fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear. Thanks to its hollow fiber, is keeps warm in the Winter and fresh in the Summer and it able to absorb body moisture – keeping it dry – and body heat, dispersing it. Its resistance to tears is three times greater than that of cotton, and it is the natural fiber that best resists the tests of time. Hemp is a living fiber. For this reason, a night of exposure to air is enough to regenerate a hemp shoe and get rid of the various smells it may be impregnated with.

Water resistant and therefore adapted for different seasons, the insides are lined with cotton, making it even more comfortable and warmer. Hemp is an extremely versatile vegetable material!

Coloring - consumer safety & respect for the environment

We use REACH certified coloring that comply with the EU Regulation (CE) n°1907/2006, meaning they are completely void of chemical substances that are harmful for humans and the environment – such as asbestos, formaldehyde, phthalates, lead, chrome and hexachrome – for coloring.

Cotton - fresh and comfy

For our multicolor fantasy footwear, we use cotton, allowing us to mix together different tones and nuances. Moreover, cotton yarn is more suitable for weaving. Its versatility allows us to showcase a wide range of prints, creating stylish footwear for trendy ethical shoppers. Unlike common industrial production – that use chemical substances – our cotton is not bleached, on the contrary, we leave it its natural tones, keeping the intrinsic softness, resistance and perfect handling of humidity.

Synthetic - versatile and light

To accommodate our clients’ numerous requests, we decided to also use synthetic materials to create footwear with a classical, elegant and stylish aspect for our customers with the most sophisticated tastes. Hence the use of uppers in microfiber leatherette, though the inner lining – in direct contact with the foot – is still cotton.

Microfiber - flexible and healthy

Even though it is a “synthetic” material, microfiber is skin-friendly and has all the necessary resistance and exuding characteristics to create excellent footwear. It is obtained by processing polyester and polyurethane, but unlike microfiber equivalents you may find on the market, this one complies with the Community legislation CE n°.1907/2006 and certified by REACH, meaning it contains no polluting substance – such as formaldehyde, asbestos, phthalates, lead, chrome and hexachrome… the whole list of harmful substances contains over 1000 elements! The microfiber we use is very good for the skin of our feet: neither irritating it nor making it more sensitive. It looks like leather – smooth or suede – and has the necessary technical characteristics to make a light, flexible, breathing, water-resistant, untearable and very durable shoe.