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About us

DEFA’S has been making footwear in Monte Urano in central Italy since 1955. The Fermo region is the centre of Italy’s world famous footwear industry and, from the very beginning, DEFA’S has made shoes and accessories in the best tradition of Made In Italy. Every item is hand-made by local, highly qualified and experienced craftsmen and women.

In 2010, a decision was taken to work in “Future Resources”: a project to produce eco-sustainable items that respect both nature and the materials used to make them. Working with “Ecomarchebio”, DEFA’S offers products that, in addition to vegetable tanned leather, can truly said to be “animal free” since they’re made exclusively from vegetable products (like hemp and cork).


This new line of products is “VEGAN OK” since no animal products is used.


The decision to use eco-sustainable materials goes hand-in-hand with the high quality, hand-made production process which follows the same traditions in shoemaking.

The result is footwear that is incredibly comfortable, head-wearing and that is “moving with the times” by guaranteeing respect for our eco-system and working sustainably with ultra-low environmental impact.

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