Cenerentola Anthracite

Cenerentola Anthracite

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Name: Cenerentola

Colour: Anthracite

Upper in natural hemp

Removable Fußbett insole in foamed rubber

Soles in thermo-rubber

Elegant but resistant, these anthracite-coloured hemp flats – with a certified dye that respects nature – are synonymous with 100% vegan resistance and comfort, maximum breathability and drying.

The comfort they provide goes hand in hand with reliability: they are easy to wear, without risking to see them slipping off thanks to the security reinforcement that goes throughout the shoe.  

In spite of the classical low form, your feet won’t get tired thanks to the removable Fußbett insole supporting the arch below the foot, fostering a correct posture for any activity because it keeps the heel about 7 millimetres higher than the rest of the foot thanks to a soft raised ergonomic shape and a special lining in cotton.


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