Was ist meine Grösse

We created this table to give you as much information as possible to help you with your online purchase… We know it can be difficult without trying them on.

Remember that shoes tend to get wider but never longer, so it’s essential that your big toe doesn’t press the inside of the shoe… It would mean it’s too small! If your foot is halfway between two standard sizes, you can try adding an insole.

Be careful: do not use the shoe sizes of multinationals as a reference because they use a completely different numbering system for their shoes!

If you still have doubts, you can measure your shoe size with the distance between the heel and the longest toe and the table below. Use the same method for the other foot, because both feet are not always exactly the same size. In this case, consider the largest of the two sizes you get.

SIZE = (lenght in cm + 1,5 ) X 1,5

In any case, if the size you ordered is wrong just follow the instructions on the website to change the size, so there should be no problem.