In accordance with the article 13 of the Italian legislative decree number 196/2003 – Codex regarding the protection of personal data. 
This information notice is provided in accordance to the article 13 of the Italian legislative decree number 196/2003 (Codex regarding the protection of personal data), to Users who interact with the webservices offered by RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s. remotely accessible at the following link:  which connects users to the homepage of the official website for RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s. The present information notice describes the way the website is managed and is not applicable for other websites that users may access via various links. 


1.1. Navigation data – log files 
Computer systems and software processes operating the website collect some personal data during their normal operations. Collected data is implicitly transmitted while using Internet communication protocols. Collected information is not associated to identifiable subjects; but their nature may allow the identification of users through data processing and association with data collected by third parties. This category includes IP address or computer domain names used by users connecting to URI websites (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the time of request, the methods used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained as a response, the digital code indicating the status of the response provided by the server (successful, error, etc.), and other parameters related to the operative system and the user’s IT environment. This type of data is used to obtain anonymous information on the use of the website to generate statistics and to ensure its proper functioning, and to allow – given the architecture of the used systems – services to be properly provided for security reasons and to assess liabilities in case of hypothetical digital misdemeanours that may cause damage to the website or third parties.
The owner of the server where this type of information is saved is Aruba S.p.a

1.2. Data willingly provided by the user
The user may willingly and explicitly provide their e-mail address to the shown addresses in the various access routes leading to this site or while filing a “format” (mask) specifically intended for that purpose. This entails that the address and other sender/user data necessary to respond to formulated requests and/or to provide the requested service will be stored. All personal data stored by the website are willingly provided by users. The website used cookies to identify the user in order to find related information. For more information, please see the paragraph on cookies below.

The portal requires common personal information for primary access and for further use. In particular, the following data – which can be willingly provided by the user – are collected:
- Sex (not mandatory)
- Name (mandatory)
- Last name (mandatory)
- E-mail address (mandatory)
- Password (mandatory)
- Date of birth (not mandatory)
- Company (not mandatory)
- Address, ZIP Code, City, Country, State/department (mandatory)
- Telephone number (mandatory)

E-mail address for the newsletter (not mandatory)

In order to process personal data, RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s. adopts security measures adapted to ensure the safety and privacy of said data in accordance with the current legislation on the matter.

RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s declines any responsibility in case the user provides false or mistaken data, or data pertaining to thirds without the subject’s explicit consent, in accordance with the article 23 of the Italian legislative decree number 196/2003. Users therefore accept full responsibility for any such behaviour.

1.3. Cookies
No IT technology of any kind is used to acquire users’ personal data directly. The so-called session cookies are not stored after the connection to this website is ended.
The IT systems used by RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s. do not use: 
- cookies collecting personal information; 
- persistent cookies of any kind.

The Portal uses the following cookies:

  • - Technical and navigational or session cookies that are strictly necessary for the Portal to work or to allow users to use the contents and services they request.
  • - Technical-analytics cookies by Google Analytics with anonymous IP.
  • - Functionality technical cookies: cookies used to activate specific functions on the website and a series or selected criteria (such as language, currency, products added to the cart) in order to improve the service provided.
  • - Third party cookies: cookies used by websites or servers that are separate from the "Owner (RISORSE FUTURE SRLS)", and used for reasons set by said third parties, and may include profiling cookies. Please note that those third parties, who are listed below with links to their respective privacy policies, are independently responsible for the processing of data collected by their cookies; users must therefore refer to their data processing policies, information notes and consent forms (selecting and un-selecting the relative cookies):


Data is processed by RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s. only when strictly necessary in order to interact with the user, and is not processed when the aims can be reached with anonymous data or using method with which the user is identified only in case of need. Specific purposes of data processing may be shown in details on the various access channels.


Personal data are processed with automatic instruments only for the time necessary to reach the objectives for which the data was collected. 


Users are free to provide their personal data by filing the forms for the various services provided on the website; not providing information marked as mandatory will make it impossible for the user to use the service. 


The personal data of users that request IT material to be sent to them (such as being included in mailing lists, receiving responses for their requests, notices and newsletters, etc.) are used only to provide the requested services and are never communicated to third parties. 


The “owner” of the processing of data related to identifiable or identified people who have visited this website is RISORSE FUTURE s.r.l.s., headquartered in Via Incancellata, 54 - 63813 Monte Urano (Fermo). 


“People concerned”, meaning natural persons, legal persons, bodies or associations concerned by the collected data have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of said data, to know their contents and origin, to check the data is true and ask to integrate or update them or correct them at any time, in accordance with the article 7 of the Italian legislative decree from 30/06/2003, number 196. In accordance with the same article, people concerned also have the right to request deletion, anonymization, or blocking of data pertaining to them, processed illegally, and in any case to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons by  sending an e-mail to the following address: